First of all, I am very proud to be the blogger. When I start to manage this blog,I feel like live in my own world. Blog give me inspiration to express myself. I can talk and discuss more about surrounding with my words. Honestly, everyone have their ideas to write something that they thinks. It also happen to me.

I can say anything and give my opinion when I post the entryt for my blog. Nobody can argue my word because this is mine. Hahaha =)

I want to thank to Mrs Linda as my guider to develope my skill on blogging. Write this blog can improve my language so far. So that, after this I will confidence to use english language as my second language after Bahasa Melayu.

By the way, I already have another blog. But for that managing that blog, fully Bahasa Melayu has been used because it is easy for me to updating the blog. But for this blog, I have been asked and I also will try to use in fully English. Thank you for your visiting.

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  1. Passion Says:

    Hope to see more new and exciting features and information. Please add your reflection. Keep up the good work!

  2. are-kir Says:

    Thank you for your concern. I'll keep up my blog and improve this blog better than before. Hope all visitors satisfied my blog.

  3. Passion Says:

    I'm glad that you've reflected on your learning while constructing the eportfolio. Hope you'll grow to be a better learner. Keep on impressing me with your excellent content and artifacts!

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